Vic GAPS Food Stores

GAPS Milk, GAPS Cream, GAPS Butter, Organic ghee, Organic eggs, plus organic fruit and vegetables suppliers:

  • Organic Whole Food Shop-483 Lygon St,Brunswick, Vic,

Ph (03) 9384-0288

  • Naturally on High Organic Shop- 697 High st, Thornbury, Vic, 3072,

Ph (03) 9484- 7131

Some brands are selling organic raw milk underBathmilk (ex. Schulz Organic Bath Milk or Rubby Hills Organic Bath Milk)

If somebody interesting to talk to local shops owner regarding organic milk products supply, the farmer Simon Schulz can supply his organic milk products to any local shop, there no minimum order if he can see the possibility to grow. His contact email

Organic Fruits and Vegetables shop- La Manna Fresh- Organic Shop- 399 Sydney rd,Brunswick, Vic, ph. 03- 9380- 1944

Organic markets- there section of organic fruits and vegetables on Queen Victoria Market513 Elizabeth Street Melbourne Victoria 3000, ph 03- 9320 5822

Organic meat on Queen Victoria Market- shop 16, meat Hall, Hagen’s Organic Meat, ph 03- 9329- 5534

Organic butchers: