Consultations are available in person and by phone/Skype telehealth.

Dr. Natasha Campbell- McBride said: “Typically a mainstream doctor has very little time to listen to the patient. Yet, allowing patient to talk and tell their full story is an important part the treatment in fact. The treatment begins with the listening to the person. Listening will also allow to collect and record every detail about patient’s full health history from birth correctly. Every person is different and unique, and unless we record their unique story in great detail, it may be difficult to solve their unique puzzle. Then we explain the treatment protocol. Homework task will be set at this consultation. So, it’s necessary to allocate plenty of time for the first consultation (the follow-up consultation can be much shorter). The first consultation is the most important consultation”.

Consultations are provided by Irina Popov


  • M.Sp.Med- Master by Research in Sport Medicine- Rehabilitation, Selection and Biochemistry
  • B.PE & TE- Bachelor of Physical Education & Therapeutic Exercises with Researches in Physiology and Psychology
  • Ad.Dip.HM- Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (including Nutritional Prescribing)
  • Ass.Dip.Ap.Sc.- Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Medical Laboratory)
  • CGP- Certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome) Practitioner Training
  • Certificate 2 in Pharmacy Academy-Pharmacy Assistant with 33 Certificates in Pharmacy products-Pharmacy S2 Medicines
  • Certificate in Responding to the Grieving Person and Self Care for Care Providers
  • Certificate 2 in Emergency Medical Service First Response
  • Level 3 Diving Coach
  • P.Gr.C.Diag.Dis.- Post Graduate Certificate in ” The Theory and Practice in Diagnostic of Internal Diseases by the Method of Informational Electro- Cardio Signal Analysis”.
  • Current P.Gr.Dip.Ps.Nut.- Postgraduate Diploma in Psycho- Nutrition and OrthoMolecular Medicine

Irina Popov, professional specialist-  Sport Level 3 Diving Coach, Sport Medicine Scientist with Researches in Biochemistry, Rehabilitation, Physiology and Psychology; Therapeutic Exercises Therapist, Teacher of Physical Culture, Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner, GAPS (Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome Diet/Nutrition) Practitioner with 27 years of work experience in aged care facilities and in home care for elderly people. Also has 40 years of experience in education, researches, sport, sport medicine, sport coaching, exercise therapy, herbal medicine, psychology, human and family relations, diet and nutrition, spiritual life, and experience to work with elderly people, children and adults of different ages, cultures and religious backgrounds.